What is art journaling?
Art Journaling is the process of using simple art exercises to explore emotions and feelings. Art journaling allows you access to new knowledge and understanding about your self.. It can create a deeper sense of self-awareness and can change us in powerful ways.It is usually done in a group setting but is also available one-to-one. During sessions you are encouraged use self-expression through collage, expressive drawing and painting within an art journal or diary. The fun thing is you don’t have to be good at art and there are no rules during the making process. The sessions will aim to improve your skills so that you are able to art journal independently.

A few of the many benefits of art journaling:

  • It can create a deeper sense of self-awareness and can ease the stresses of life by getting the chaos inside our heads down on paper.

  • It allows us time in the "right side" of our brain, where creativity and problems are more easily solved.

  • It helps us learn to enjoy the process of creativity instead of stressing over the outcome. It's a creative outlet.

  • The artsy stuff makes every day different, which keeps us motivated to record stories, feelings, and ideas. Sometimes, when we look back at what we've made, we can gain insight into what is needed to move forward in a particular situation.

What we can offer…
One-to-one tuition and small group work. These could be in the form of either regular weekly or one off sessions.

Our style to run art journaling - therapeutic group...
We believe that we are all unique and are our own experts on ourselves. We can all be trusted to find our own way through and we have within ourselves resources to grow, develop and change. We think that everyone has untapped creative abilities. By encouraging spontaneity and honest self-expression, art Journaling can also facilitate a natural emotional release and interrupt stuck patterns of thought by introducing new possibilities.

Who do we work with?
We enjoy working with a diverse range of people, with a range of cultural backgrounds identities and abilities. We work with anyone who would like to explore new ways of working.

Practical information
Art journaling - therapeutic group work is design to use art journaling in small group (max 8 people) to explore and expand your knowledge about yourself. First we would like to offer an introduction workshop were you will be able to discover what art journaling is about. The dates for introduction workshop will follow. If you would like to put your name on the list please contact us using contact us page. Limited places available (8 people max).

Additionally we would like to offer  an 8 weeks course with a  small group of people you will art journal and  develop ways of seeing your own thoughts and feelings on paper. Art journaling for self-discovery is not art therapy; however it is therapeutic. Your thoughts and feelings will be held and supported over the course. However, it is important that you work in a way that you feel comfortable with. There might be times where feelings and thoughts might be triggered which require more support. It is important when doing this work that you make sure that you have adequate support outside the group. This could be friend or partner or may be a counselor. If you feel you would like to participate in the course please go to contact us page and email us your interest. Dates will follow soon. Limited places available as it is small group max up to 8 people.

Personal Responsibility
Art journaling could be a powerful and catalytic healing practice. Art journalling for self care is not art therapy. However it is therapeutic. During classes emotions and feelings will be held and supported by Monika and Tess. In order for you to benefit from this work, you will need to be able and willing to take responsibility for yourself, emotionally and physically whilst travelling through some experiences. It is important that you will work in a way that you feel comfortable. Sufficient internal and external support systems need to be in place. Ideally before you begin group work so that can be usefully integrated into your life. In certain cases, people find that therapeutic one to one work is needed before coming to art journaling group wrok.  We would not claim that you will be able to solve all challenges, difficulties or dilemmas of your life, but what we can offer will empower and help you to gain new perspectives as well as ability to deal with those difficulties in the different way.  

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thomas Merton