About the team:

Monika Szymanska

I am an experienced BACP-registered person-centred counsellor/psychotherapist. I have been working in person-centred approach for around 20 years. I trained in person - centred counselling and psychotherapy at Persona accredited by Stirling University. Previously I studied clinical psychology. I began my journey with person-centred approach working with clients who suffer mental health problems in the voluntary and statutory sectors. Now I work independently in private practice where I expand my skills and knowledge though various CPD training. Additionally I bring a relational embodied approach to my practice where feelings/emotions, body sensation and mind are being synchronized. I grow by connecting my body through dance, meditation and being in nature.

I continue my professional development through participating in advanced training, reading, writing and providing group facilitation to various organisations.

I love working with people as a counsellor/psychotherapist and group facilitator. I love the transformations and connections which are possible through effective healing relationships. I love immediacy, openness, tenderness,  sensitivity, encounter, connection, enthusiastic flow and discovery.

Tess Wyatt

I'm an artist teacher who lived and worked in Oxfordshire for 25yrs. I have a BA(hons) in art and design as well as an artist teacher MA. I taught in a variety of settings including adult education, youth centres and schools. Since moving to Edinburgh in 2013 I have concentrated on my art practice and teaching art journaling for self care. I regularly teach student counsellors at the Hope Park Counselling service in Edinburgh and provide group work for clients at Safe Space in Dunfermline.

 ’Tess has many years of experience in teaching and has built up a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of art making. Combined with her experience facilitating art journaling for self care and a passion for helping others, she is able to offer a unique approach to improved wellbeing through creativity. Her classes are always fun, dynamic, messy and colourful, yet set within a caring and nurturing framework. I always love spending time creating with Tess ‘ Debbie Oxfordshire 


“When a person realizes he has been deeply heard, his eyes moisten. I think in some real sense he is weeping for joy. It is as though he were saying, "Thank God, somebody heard me. Someone knows what it's like to be me” ― Carl R. Rogers